If you're not familiar with the the Whole30 program, check it out here: whole30.  While you can execute and reap all of the benefits of the program using these few pages alone, why not take advantage of the knowledge, advice, and tips from the authors and others who have successfully completed the program and gone on to radically improve their health?  That's where The Whole30: The 30-day Guide to total Health and Food Freedom comes in. Authors Dallas and Melissa Hartwig are back with this comprehensive guide to their Whole30 program.  Any question you may have about the program should be answered in this book.  The book provides a well-designed guide to conquering the 30-day program leading to your new lifestyle of healthy eating.  They cover the rationale behind the program, what to expect when you embark on it, a comprehensive guide to the reintroduction phase, drinks, supplements, dining out, traveling, kids, weight loss, vegetarians/vegans, kitchen needs, and references to approved products. There is also an awesome section on cooking with a ton of recipes, some to impress (see the "fancypants"section) and some quick and easy for everyday use in your busy schedule.

I'll admit that I have a few small parts in there that I contributed.  I've also recommended their program to numerous patients in my practice with amazing, and sometimes nearly miraculous results.  If you want to know why this program works, pick up a copy of their previous book, It Starts With Food, which goes into the science behind their recommendations.  If you haven't tried the Whole30, I'd encourage you to discover its benefits for yourself.


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